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Altima Factoring (AF) is dedicated to delivering competitive and cost-effective freight factoring solutions. As a comprehensive transportation services provider, AF extends its freight factoring services to independent truck drivers and fleets, witnessing a steady growth in our financial offerings. Independent truckers can benefit from a range of services including freight bill factoring, non-recourse freight factoring, our exclusive EFS fuel card program, equipment financing, and complimentary access to an online load board through AF.

Our Services


Team up with Altima Factoring to keep your business moving forward. Our freight factoring services empower trucking companies, regardless of size, to sustain a consistent cash flow. 


Altima Factoring provides equipment financing solutions tailored to the needs of existing freight factoring clients. Regardless of credit history or past financial challenges, our online application process ensures quick approvals and seamless transactions at dealerships across the country.


Altima Factoring (AF) is excited to announce the launch of online load board access for all existing clients. With AF's commitment to supporting truckers in securing lucrative freight efficiently, we introduce

Why Choose Us?

Altima Factoring offers drivers highly competitive freight factoring rates along with flexible month-to-month contracts and exceptional customer service.

Stay on the Road

Altima Factoring ensures that your trucking business stays in motion. Our comprehensive freight factoring solutions empower trucking companies to promptly address critical expenses such as payroll, fleet fuel, and vehicle maintenance, eliminating the need to wait for payments.

Next Level Success

No matter the trajectory of your trucking enterprise, Altima Factoring offers comprehensive freight factoring solutions tailored to fleets of every scale. Reach out today and let us propel your trucking business to new heights of success.

Powered by Knowledge

Altima Factoring offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the needs of transportation businesses. From freight factoring and non-recourse options to fuel cards, referral rewards, equipment financing, and access to an online load board, our offerings cater to the diverse requirements of our clients.


What Are The Benefits Of Freight Factoring?

Introducing Altima Factoring, your partner in accelerating cash flow for truckers and trucking companies. In the dynamic world of freight expenses, delays in reimbursement can hinder growth and create unnecessary frustration. With Altima Factoring, you can bypass the wait and access immediate cash, empowering you to focus on expanding your business without financial constraints. Experience the ease and efficiency of freight factoring with Altima Factoring – where cash flow meets convenience.

I’ve Heard There Are Two Different Types Of Factoring, Can You Explain This?

Altima Factoring provides both recourse and non-recourse freight factoring services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Recourse freight factoring, which dominates the accounts receivable financing sector, involves an agreement where both parties acknowledge the responsibility of repurchasing invoices in case customers fail to pay within a predetermined period, typically spanning 60, 90, or 120 days.

On the other hand, non-recourse freight factoring transfers the risk of non-payment to Altima Factoring. While this offers businesses protection from bad debt expenses, the discount rates associated with non-recourse factoring tend to be higher, reflecting the increased risk for the factor. Despite the higher rates, many truckers view non-recourse agreements favorably, recognizing that the potential loss from an unpaid invoice outweighs the increased cost. At Altima Factoring, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the freight industry and offer flexible solutions to support their financial needs.

Is There a Minimum or Maximum Amount Altima Factoring Will Fund for a Client?

Rest assured, there are no minimum or maximum funding limits when it comes to Altima Factoring. We warmly welcome transportation companies of all sizes, along with invoices of any magnitude.

Do I Need to Commit to a Long-Term Contract?

No, you don’t. At Altima Factoring, our standard factoring agreement operates on a month-to-month basis. This flexible approach ensures that we continually earn our clients’ trust and satisfaction with every day of collaboration.

How Soon Can I Expect to Receive My Money?

Once we receive your documentation before the specified deadline, rest assured that we’ll swiftly initiate the funding process on the very same day. Our services include immediate wire transfers and fuel card funding, along with next-day ACH alternatives for your convenience.

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