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Streamline Your Expenses with Altima Factoring's Fuel Card Program

At Altima Factoring, we are committed to supporting trucking companies by providing efficient solutions to manage expenses and get back on the road swiftly. Our exclusive fuel card program is designed to streamline cash flow, enabling businesses to effectively manage fuel and related costs.

With Altima Factoring’s fuel card program, clients have access to the exclusive EFS fuel card, tailored to help truck drivers and transportation firms achieve significant annual savings. Unlike traditional fuel card offerings, our program offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to choose from a wide range of fueling locations. Whether at major truck stops or independent facilities, our comprehensive fuel card program ensures universal acceptance, providing unmatched convenience and accessibility to our clients.

Experience the ease and efficiency of managing your fuel expenses with Altima Factoring’s fuel card program, designed to optimize savings and streamline operations for trucking businesses.

Fuel Cards Are Available To Current AF Clients


Fuel Savings

Altima Factoring is excited to introduce an exclusive opportunity for our freight factoring clients to benefit from substantial savings on fuel expenses. With Altima Factoring, you can enjoy savings ranging from 10 to 30 cents per gallon* at a wide network of over 1,900 locations* nationwide. Our partnered gas stations feature renowned brands like Loves, Flying J, TA, Petro, Quick Trip, and many more, guaranteeing convenient access to discounted fuel no matter where your routes lead you. Bid farewell to hefty fuel bills and welcome significant savings with Altima Factoring.

Roadside Assistance

Bid adieu to the stress of roadside emergencies with Altima Factoring! We extend specialized perks and annual memberships for roadside assurance to our factoring clientele, guaranteeing tranquility during your travels.

Equipment Savings

Discover unprecedented savings of up to $1,000* on brand-new trucks and $500* on pre-owned trucks! Contact Altima Factoring today to explore how you can take advantage of our equipment savings promotions and depart with significant savings at your fingertips.

Altima Factoring: Enhancing Freight Operations

In the realm of business logistics, access to working capital stands as a cornerstone. Particularly for those entrenched in the trucking industry, the gap between service provision and payment receipt can pose significant challenges to operational fluidity. At Altima Factoring, we deeply understand the hurdles our clients face daily – whether financial constraints or the demanding nature of their profession. Thus, we’re committed to easing these burdens through reliable and intuitive freight factoring solutions.

Experience the transformative impact of accelerated payments for your invoices, typically processed within 24 to 48 hours post-delivery. Such swift disbursements empower you to maintain seamless operations by ensuring the necessary financial resources are readily available to propel your trucking enterprise forward. Regardless of your business’s scale, our dedication remains steadfast in prioritizing your needs and serving your interests with unwavering commitment.

Why Choose Altima Factoring for Your Load Factoring Needs?

Altima Factoring  emerges as the optimal choice for your load factoring necessities, placing a paramount focus on contracts aimed at empowering drivers rather than restricting them. Our dedication lies in providing the liberty and adaptability essential for you to conduct business on your own terms.

Opting for Altima Factoring for your load factoring needs grants you access to an array of supplementary services aimed at saving both time and money. These include:

  1. Non-Recourse Factoring
  2. Equipment Financing
  3. Fuel Card Program
  4. Load Board Access

Instead of enduring the typical 30 to 90-day wait for invoice payment, Altima Factoring ensures compensation within mere hours, eliminating the protracted delays often associated with traditional payment cycles. Furthermore, our competitive factoring rates enable you to maximize your profits without enduring prolonged payment waiting periods.

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