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Freight factoring stands as a crucial tool empowering trucking companies of all sizes to maintain a steady cash flow. This invaluable resource allows owner-operators to efficiently tackle business expenses by securing advances on their accounts receivable.

Altima Factoring specializes in meeting the unique needs of emerging and established trucking enterprises alike. Through freight factoring, drivers gain proactive control over expenses such as payroll, fleet fuel, and maintenance, eliminating the delays inherent in traditional payment processing methods. Altima Factoring adopts a customer-centric approach, acquiring invoices from trucking companies following freight delivery and promptly providing the necessary cash infusion.

Altima Factoring provides comprehensive freight factoring services, dedicated to supporting the uninterrupted operations of both individual drivers and fleets within the transportation industry.

Trucking enterprises often grapple with the challenge of waiting for 30, 60, or even 90 days to receive payment for their transported loads. Enter Altima Factoring, a solution designed to ease this cash flow strain. Altima Factoring swiftly purchases invoices, offering same-day funding to alleviate the burden. Drivers can receive advances ranging from 90% to 100% of the invoice value, depending on the freight invoice.

Altima Factoring prides itself on competitive freight factoring rates, offering flexible terms with no long-term commitments, and proactive account management. Specializing in collaborating with independent trucking companies and fleets of all sizes, we streamline operations and bolster financial stability. Regardless of fleet size or sales volume, Altima Factoring is committed to enhancing cash flow by purchasing drivers’ invoices and providing immediate liquidity.


Freight Factoring Solutions to Suit Your Business Needs

At Altima Factoring, we focus on delivering personalized financial solutions designed for both burgeoning and established trucking businesses, empowering them to concentrate on expanding their operations. Our freight factoring services are crafted to help drivers effectively manage essential expenses like payroll, fleet fuel, and maintenance, all while eliminating the hassle of prolonged payment processing times. Upon the completion of freight deliveries, Altima Factoring promptly acquires invoices from trucking companies, ensuring swift cash injections into their operations.

How Does the Freight Factoring Process Work?

Upon completing the delivery of their cargo, truck drivers submit the rate confirmation and bill of lading (BOL) to Altima Factoring. Upon verification and approval of the provided information, payment is swiftly transferred into the driver’s account. It’s crucial to grasp that freight factoring—also known as load factoring, trucking factoring, and transportation factoring—is distinctly different from traditional loans. Essentially, this means that apart from Altima Factoring’s service fee, the funds acquired through the freight factoring process belong entirely to the recipient, eliminating concerns about loan repayment. As a result, our clients gain access to much-needed funds within a matter of hours or days, as opposed to waiting for months.

Get Paid Faster

Trucking companies often grapple with extended payment cycles, enduring waits of 30, 60, or even 90 days before receiving payment for their invoices. However, Altima Factoring presents a solution by purchasing invoices and expediting funding, often facilitating same-day transactions*. Depending on the freight invoice, drivers can secure advances ranging from 90% to 100% of the invoice value*.

Altima Factoring prides itself on offering competitive freight factoring rates, flexible terms sans long-term contracts, and dedicated account managers. Specializing in collaborating with independent trucking companies and fleets of varying sizes, we aim to streamline and fortify their trucking operations. Regardless of fleet size or sales volume, we excel in enhancing cash flow by purchasing drivers’ invoices and providing immediate access to funds.

Altima Factoring: Unlocking Freight Factoring Advantages

In the dynamic landscape of business operations, securing access to capital stands as a cornerstone. This rings especially true for those navigating the complexities of the trucking industry, where delays in payment can significantly impact operational fluidity. At Altima Factoring, we recognize the formidable challenges our clients face daily, whether stemming from financial constraints or the demanding nature of their profession. Thus, our mission is to lighten these burdens through reliable and intuitive freight factoring solutions.

Experience the tangible impact of accelerated payment for your invoices, typically processed within a swift 24 to 48-hour window post-delivery. Such expedited disbursements empower you to maintain operational momentum by furnishing vital financial resources to fuel your trucking enterprise. Regardless of your business’s size, our unwavering commitment is to prioritize your requirements and cater to your interests with unparalleled dedication.

Why Choose Altima Factoring for Your Load Factoring Needs?

Altima Factoring  emerges as the prime option for your load factoring necessities, placing emphasis on contracts crafted to empower drivers rather than constrain them. Our dedication lies in providing the liberty and adaptability essential for you to conduct business on your own terms.

By selecting Altima Factoring for your load factoring needs, you unlock a suite of supplementary services tailored to save you both time and money. These services include:

Non-Recourse Factoring Equipment Financing Fuel Card Program Load Board Access

Instead of enduring the wait of 30 to 90 days for invoice payment, Altima Factoring ensures compensation within hours, eliminating the lengthy delays typically associated with conventional payment cycles. Furthermore, our competitive factoring rates enable you to maximize profits without enduring extended waiting periods for payment.

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