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Introducing Altima Factoring's Online Freight Board: Your Gateway to Lucrative Hauls

Altima Factoring proudly presents its newest innovation: an online freight board tailored to empower our esteemed clients in swiftly locating high-paying freight opportunities. Engineered with the goal of streamlining the freight search process, Altima Factoring’s online platform, conveniently accessible at, revolutionizes the landscape for independent truckers and fleets alike.

Featuring a diverse array of loads consistently posted by reputable truckload carriers, freight brokers, and direct shippers, Altima Factoring’s freight board ensures that clients stay abreast of the latest market opportunities. Our unwavering dedication to real-time updates guarantees that clients can confidently rely on Altima Factoring to facilitate the acquisition of the most lucrative hauls with ease and efficiency.

Elevate your service and satisfaction with Altima Factoring.

When steering your trucking company towards enhanced success, Altima Factoring offers a suite of freight factoring benefits crafted to propel your growth. These advantages include:

  1. Competitive Factoring Rates
  2. No Reserves Required
  3. Fuel Advances
  4. Flexible Contract Terms
  5. Same-Day Funding
  6. Convenient Online Account Management

With Altima Factoring as your ally, your path to triumph in the trucking sector becomes streamlined and highly effective.


Messaging boards

Upon discovering a captivating truckload, numerous platforms provide instant messaging features, enabling direct real-time communication with the broker.

Opportunities for Reviewing Shippers and Carriers with Altima Factoring

At Altima Factoring, we provide you with the opportunity to evaluate both shippers and carriers, enabling you to cultivate and elevate your reputation within the industry. Our platform facilitates not only the assessment of shippers but also allows you to receive feedback from them, nurturing a culture of trust and dependability in your business pursuits.

Financial Assessment Before Freight Transport

Prior to committing to transporting goods for a freight broker or shipper, it’s imperative to gain insight into their financial health. It’s essential to conduct a thorough evaluation of Altima Factoring’s creditworthiness to guarantee a seamless and reliable transaction.

Mobile access

Experience uninterrupted connectivity on the go, ensuring you’re consistently informed and empowered to secure financing with Altima Factoring while managing your daily responsibilities.

Online Availability

Discover seamless online access to our factoring platform, accessible 24/7, 365 days a year!

Days-to-Pay Overview

Explore the anticipated timeframe for Altima Factoring to process payments for the freight loads you transport.

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